New Strength Pilates has been in the Missouri City area since 2005. New Strength Pilates NEWEST (Missouri City) studio opened in September 2012 in Missouri City's Township Square, just north of Hwy. 6 on  3334 Murphy Road/FM 1092. 

New Strength Pilates is privately owned by Beth Posa. 


We have a motivated team of STOTT PILATES® instructors that truly enjoy the work they do. Not only are they motivated, but have a great sense of humor.  

Beth Posa is a FULLY certified STOTT PILATES® instructor, a STOTT PILATES® instructor trainer and owner of New Strength Pilates. She studied under Amanda Taylor from Body Mind Design in Dallas, Texas. She has been designated a STOTT PILATES® specialist in Active for Life, Athletic conditioning, Dance conditioning, Group Equipment, Group Matwork and Post Rehabilitation. Her pilates education brings her to many other experiences with Michele Larsson of Core Dynamics and Ron Fletcher Towelwork. She has been in the fitness business for the past 16 years as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has taught and certified in Weight Lifting, Yoga, Step, Kick Box, Spin, aquatics and every type of exercise on stability ball. Balls are everywhere at her studio. Toning Balls, Massage balls, Melt Method balls, exercise balls, foam roller balls, and 9 inch balls, are a big part of her practice.

Beth's education and experience spans many other modalities including Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and a Lay Responder teaching CPR/AED for The ARC. She completed her training in Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart Program in Lower Extremities, Upper Extremities and Spine and Trunk, is an AFAA Group Fitness instructor, Melt Method Instructor (hand & foot, roller,pilates and Neurostrength), TRX instructor, Total Barre, and Zen·ga  Mat and Equipment Instructor. Restorative Exercise™ Specialist is another area of study and certification to help a body achieve natural alignment. She recently completed Healthy Foot Practitioner™ training through the Restorative Exercise Institute. CranioSacral Therapy is a continuing endeavor. She recently became a certified Rossiter Practitioner and a peer educator for American Bone Health.  She keeps evolving to offer her clients a journey towards wellness.

Community is important to her and she brings that focus to her work and business at the studio. Clients are unique and special to Beth. She offers them her intuition, experience and education that brings relief and improved function to all that see her.  It comes from the heart with a bit of laughter. With an open mind and a listening ear, her expertise will help guide you to the place of health and well being.

Mary Accinelli

Encourages her clients to move with confidence, in balance, rooted in compassion and gentle kindness. Movement is our way forward.

Mary is a FULLY certified STOTT PILATES® instructor with 32 years of experience in the fitness field. She holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and Chemistry from the University of Texas, Permian Basin and multiple certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, and is a 4th degree black belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate. She is an avid Tai Chi Chen practitioner.

Mary provides session in sound-vibrational restoration with the use of tuning forks. The body responds to sound waves by relaxing into renewal, healing while releasing anxiety. New Strength's Meditative Yoga Class uses sound-vibration to inspire quiet and clarity of heart and mind. 

Jennifer Nease is a STOTT PILATES®  certified instructor and just this year received the designation of  Athletic Conditioning STOTT PILATES® Specialist. She has 7 years experience teaching both group mat pilates classes and private and semi private lessons on large as well as smaller pilates equipment including the reformer, BOSU, stability ball , flex bands and various other toys. She has taught in various fitness centers including Lifetime Fitness, LA Fitness, as well as several smaller STOTT PILATES®  studios in Virginia, Texas and Georgia. She is also TRX trained.

She became intrigued with pilates when she was first introduced to it by an instructor in Virginia. It reminded her of her love of dance that she had when she was a child and it completely changed the way her body felt and looked.  She decided to go ahead and pursue her STOTT PILATES® certification.
Her passion for pilates shows through in her fun and creative teaching style. She loves watching her clients fall in love with pilates and the endless variations and "toys" there are to play with at New Strength Pilates!

Chiara Colombo

Pilates is Chiara’s passion and she is a FULLY certified STOTT PILATES® instructor.  She discovered Pilates over six years ago and arrived at New Strength Pilates with a yearning to share her excitement with her clients. She teaches groups and individuals with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Chiara is wonderfully articulate when explaining the importance of the STOTT PILATES® principles and teaches you how to put them on your body.  She inspires them to remain fully aware during Pilates sessions, respecting their body while striving for excellence in execution.  Her education has expanded to include a certification as a Rossiter Practitioner.

A life spent living all over the world has taught Chiara to treasure individual self expression. She loves hearing the story behind the face of each client and is honored to work with their body. Chiara teaches across the pilates specturm including Mat and Equipment. A precise and thorough instructor, you’ll finish classes knowing why and how you were engaged in each exercise and her caring presence will stay with you throughout your day.